European Bisexual Conference in Amsterdam

Bi-Stammtisch München Freundeskreis

European Bisexual Conference goes to Amsterdam

The third European Bisexual Conference (EuroBiCon) is to be held in Amsterdam from July 28th to 31th, 2016. It starts on the 28th with the first European Bisexual Research Conference (EuroBiReCon), a day dedicated to academic research on bisexuality, followed by a three day community organised event.

EuroBiCon brings together bisexual people and their allies from across Europe and beyond to share ideas, stories and have fun in a safe and friendly space. This multiple days event ties in with EuroPride celebrations, guaranteeing an exciting and action packed long weekend for all who attend.


The conference theme ‘Join our VisiBility’ emphasizes the visibility of bisexuality. Bisexuals are the largest group of LGBTI people and the least visible. EuroBiCon will be a place where attendees exchange information and experiences in the areas of freedom of sexual preference and the position of bisexuality within societies across…

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